Givin’ you a ‘lil sumptins sumptins

The Buffaloes (read: Chris Nakis) have been trying to get Dave Coulier to Grove City. It cost some cash, but there was talk to it.
Now, obviously, he’ll be too popular with The Surreal Life

Alicia Keys is probably the sexiest entertainer out there. I’m probably fairly alone in that assumption, but I think the girl stands for more than her boobs.

Miles Davis makes you feel cool when you listen to him just purely because he’s so good at what he does. Think about most people who are good at what they do. You feel cool basking in it. Though he’s not always understandable.

Kind Of Blue is definitive jazz. You get the point of it, you start to understand jazz. I also have the complete Bitches Brew sessions – a seminal piece of jazz work in its own rite, but very difficult to follow and to understand. I can not concentrate when I listen to those albums. It only serves to help the listener realize that music is what you make of it and doesn’t always have to follow convention.

But Miles was a genius like that, and I don’t think we’ll see someone like that in music for a long time.

Wynton, while he’s popular, pays respect to the old school. He’s not forging like Miles did. Give it time I guess. If anyone with some extended jazz knowledge can fill me in, please do.

Anyone want to head to a jazz festival this fall? I’m itching for a good day of jazz. I’d also love to see Harry Connick, Jr.

I’m developing a business plan, and I want some feedback from the general public. I’m going through with it. If any of you would care to comment, feel free (conversation to one of the team members):

awra2001 (10:14:39 PM): Alright
awra2001 (10:14:43 PM): best way to describe it
awra2001 (10:14:49 PM): because it’s still in its baby stages
awra2001 (10:15:11 PM): At first I thought this could be a simple store – an ice cream store or whatever, that is ran by GCC student.
awra2001 (10:15:16 PM): It’s a full time operating store
awra2001 (10:15:29 PM): and it’s used as a lab for Sr. Entreprenuership majors
awra2001 (10:15:42 PM): With help from people in the community and the school
AaronFIF (10:16:05 PM): hmmm
AaronFIF (10:16:09 PM): cool idea
awra2001 (10:16:11 PM): that’s my first idea
awra2001 (10:16:24 PM): then, as I thought about it more, I thought “well, this could be something that could be used in a lot of places”
awra2001 (10:16:58 PM): So I’ve thought about taking it one step further to a N-F-P that would make its soul purpose to help college communities seed grads in their area
awra2001 (10:17:01 PM): Help gain funds
awra2001 (10:17:07 PM): And create these small companies
awra2001 (10:17:28 PM): in time, seniors would work there, and an outstanding candidate would be given the chance to run it
AaronFIF (10:17:39 PM): hmm
awra2001 (10:17:43 PM): Think of it like the son helping dad out in the store
awra2001 (10:17:59 PM): then after awhile, the son’s doing so well that dad gives him the keys and son runs it
awra2001 (10:18:01 PM): Same concept
AaronFIF (10:18:06 PM): yeah
AaronFIF (10:18:13 PM): we could run a few other store ideas also
awra2001 (10:18:15 PM): Right
AaronFIF (10:18:21 PM): small simple ones
awra2001 (10:18:30 PM): exactly
AaronFIF (10:18:31 PM): like a music or book store
AaronFIF (10:18:33 PM): diner
awra2001 (10:18:34 PM): yep
AaronFIF (10:18:34 PM): whateve
AaronFIF (10:18:36 PM): r
awra2001 (10:18:46 PM): It would be part of the marketing plans of the college town
AaronFIF (10:20:36 PM): i was thinking/praying this summer about life and my future and wanted to do the competition somehow
awra2001 (10:20:49 PM): It could start in Grove City, then after time progresses, it’d be in a maintenance phase, and would later be incorporated into another town



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