First, I felt obligated to try to change this sucker one more time to a different style.  I think I like this one a little more.  Clean cut and the like.

But, more to the point, I noticed as I was changing my icons that people have not been able to truly grasp “horny”.

Who the crap has ever felt as though they had horns growing out of their head… and even if that was the case, wouldn’t that be more characteristic of “evil”?

Discuss amongst yourselves.  peace and love.

In my shameless whoring of just about anything Brad Wray says because he’s funnier than just about anyone I’ve met, here’s his most recent away message. His website is http://www.bradwray.net

“…that was a good move on the part of Lance Armstrong… He’s really showing that he is on top of his Ball.” –Tour De France TV announcer who apparently forgot that Armstrong had testicular cancer and does only have one ball to be on top of.


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