Quick update

In my never ending quest to have interesting things to say, it took me some time to figure out today.

I think that the day-to-day stuff is okay sometimes, but I try to avoid it. After all, if you wanted to know that, you could IM me or something. Or hey, even leave me a comment asking “Adam, what’d you do today?”

We took my mom out for her birthday today to the Springfield Grille. The meal was good, the converstaion was good too, and when I looked on my whole family, it reminded me of the early scenes of the Godfather where the family is together and eating a lot of food and smiling at everything and the love is there, man. It’s there and you just eat it up.

I’m reading David Sedaris. I have “Me Talk Pretty One Day”, “Naked”, and “Dress Your Family In Courdroy and Denim” (the nice thing is you can read multiple books of his at the same time because they all are essays… no need for continuity). And I find myself enjoying every single bit. He’s got such a self-depricating wit to him, and such a grip on everyday language. So many times authors inflate their humor or drama by placing larger words than what need to be there. And while I appreciate the change-up occasionally, you can call a rose a flower and that’s okay. Sedaris can take those common simple words and mold them into something better.

He’s teaching me a lot about writing and has never met me. I like that. Not to mention writing on here and striving to actually being more than “how r u? gr8. lol i m gr8 2. ttylbilmao”. Have we become so rushed that we can not even preserve words that have been around for centuries and will be along much after we die? C’mon folks, have a little more repsect for the game here.

Anyway. That’s about it. Work tomorrow and thus the grinding away of another week of my life.

3 weeks until I’ve completed my tenure at American Standard, and 5 until I begin the end of my tenure as a GCC undergrad.



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