Boredom Overcomes Him….

Hey all,

I’m sitting here bored out of my gourd, and figured I had some updating to do. Slobber over and enjoy:

Since Wednesday things have been fairly the same. Going to work, working out, eating, sleeping. About the same.

Sunday was completely different however. I managed to go to an Indians game with my grandmother, and what fun it was. We were situated right on the 3d base line right above the dugout, so we’re talking normal sized everyone, people heading to the dugout, little kids (and for the first time in a long while I will say annoying kids) trampling over everyone for a chance to get a ball from Ben Broussard. It was so much fun. We saw webgems, we saw the first HR of Grade Sizemore, and a great CG by Jake Westbrook. I loved it

This week is talking to people on the phone, working, running, and sleeping.

more some other time. peaceandlove


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