Arguing with the family and other joyful things

Good morning all,

I had the (I’d say) bi-annual knock-out-drag-out parents v. Adam fight last night. And while it was one in which I yelled, screamed, went outside to vent some anger and shed a tear or two, I think it came to a good conclusion.

You see, I’m not the type of guy who ever wants to tuck my tail under or just let things go. Oh no, when it comes to those arguments, I go toe-to-toe with my family and we pound things out. It all started when I was distracted from answering the phone for my mom while she was out working. I didn’t quite relay the message that I had called back, and she didn’t quite get to the person she was hoping to talk to. Anyway, that led into irresponsibility, and when I had made some plans against what my mom had wanted, it got even bigger. Then I lost it. And without going too far into the details, we discussed my irresponsibility, my arrogance (apparent), the feeling that I look at my parents with some disdain (which I don’t), the fact that my family doesn’t think it’s a good idea for me to go to graduate school right off the bat and that there more creative ways to pay for grad school, Lindsay, and finally the fact that my parents feel like I’m trying to change them. We all sort of yell and fuss at each other, until finally something happened. I just said I was sorry and I wasn’t going to try to accuse anybody of anything anymore. It’s not worth it, and I don’t want to be yelled at either. I want to be disciplined, not punished. Then we started to talk about things I could work on – things I could be doing better. And before long I felt like we had really gotten something accomplished. And since, I think things are better. For all of the strain that occurred over the last six months due to my relationships at school, it was nice to maybe get back into a semblance of what was (and, as a side note, for those of you who read this journal in an effort to see what I may say about Lindsay, shame on you. This is my personal space that people can choose to read or not. And for any of you to read this just purely to start arguments and making people feel bad shows a lack of concern for anyone but yourself and the utter sensationalism you choose to create) my family life from before all of it. And that was refreshing. It comes down to when I leave in August, which could very well be the last time I live in my house, I want to be sure it’s on good terms. I want to know that although we all have our differences and frustrations as a family, we’re dynamic enough to come back.

Other than that lovely match, things are at their usual pace. Down to single digits at work, tomorrow will be two weeks until vacation. Three and a half weeks and I’ll be in Grove City, unpacking and getting ready for RD training.

The world, shall we say, is coming full circle again.

And for her sake because she seemed disappointed last time, I’m saying hi to Kaylan and that I’ve had a chance to talk to her and get to know her better everyday and it’s been amazing. I look forward to it more and more.

There you go. You’ll get your own “Kaylan Sessions” entry later đŸ˜›



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