Political Rant

Okay. This is something that’s bothering me because I’ve decided to take the time to read foxnews.com this morning. And I came to this article about feminists. And while I have my own views about that (men who fight for men’s rights are chauvinist, women who fight for women’s rights are progressive), something bothered me about a particular statement from Becca Gerner, a part of NARAL: Pro-Choice America.

This echoes a statement made by Cindy on my LJ:

Abortion: For all practical purposes, Let me say I’m against. But I’m not one of those pro-lifer-everyone-who-has-one-is-going-straight-to-hell people. I belive that the mother’s right to live outweighs the fetus’. I believe that in the rare (Yes, rare: In over 1000 rapes surveyed in NYC last year, there were NO (can I emphasize ZERO, 0, None, Nil) pregnancies as a result? It has to do with the woman’s openness to the act, the body’s reflex to oversaturate with adrenaline and a whole lot of other chemical reactions that actually in almost all cases prevent conception, chemically. I don’t think abortion should be this easily obtained luxury, yet I don’t believe it should be against the law. Not totally, anyways. It’s a baby. If you want a baby, keep it. If you don’t, put it up for adoption and be more careful next time. If your life is in danger because of the pregnancy, abort it. If you’re just one of those assholes who wants an abortion because you wanted a girl and you found out el fetuso has a peniso, I think you should have to give it up for adoption and pay child support.

I agree completely. I’m tried of the feminists who want to consider it a method of convenience or luxury to have an abortion. It’s one of the most selfish and REGRESSIVE ideas I’ve ever heard. It tears at the very fiber of what life is.

Ms. Gerner, you have choices. You have the choice not to have sex. You have the choice to rise above and move for adoption. You have the choice to help many people who want children so badly but can’t.

You have a right to care about someone else but you.

And I go on!

“Women are more comfortable in the Democratic Party – they are pro-choice, where Republicans are staunchly pro-life, which they are not comfortable with,” said Brooke Taney, a painter from Manhattan. She was handing out pro-choice stickers with Marnie Weiss, who was dressed as Lady Liberty with her torch aloft, waving to passersby on Boylston Street Monday.

Not so fast, countered Nina Broz, 18, and Emily Bissonnette, 20, who stopped in Boston in the middle of a 1,300-mile anti-abortion march from Augusta, Maine, to Washington, D.C. They sported pro-life T-shirts in stark contrast to those of the NARAL volunteers around them.

Their presence also reminded passersby that being a woman did not automatically require them to sign on with the Democratic agenda.

“I think one of the things we get is they think we are women haters,” said Broz. “But we are women, look at us. We like our choices, too. But abortion is an entirely different issue.”

I’m sorry, but unless the girls I know aren’t really girls at all, they’re okay being republican, okay with being conservative, okay with being pro-life.

To all of the pro-choice women who consider it a choice, I say this – if you spent as much time working to achieve degrees, proving in all ways that you can achieve like men can as you did working on telling us it’s okay to kill your fetus when it’s convenient, I think we’d have a lot less problems.

And I feel the same way about minorities and Title IX: it comes down to self-discipline and responsibility. Affirmative action has done more to undermine minority and women’s advancement than just about anything else, by giving each group a false sense of security that they don’t have to give 100% because they get special benefits by their skin or gender. On top of that, it has served to jade the majority – white males – to further advancement of minorities and women. So they’re more upset, they dislike it more, and in the end you have more problems than you created: people who are less competent at their jobs allowed the chance over someone who was fully competent – all solely on the basis of their skin and gender.

In closing, I think employment is a free market and should be ran as such.



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