In light of my last entry and the week ahead

I think my stance on this journal will be from here on and here out public with a few friends-only entries shoved in there.

Because there really are just certain things I want to say to cyberspace, but perhaps just to an audience.

Well, this week marks the beginning of the last full week of work here at American Standard ever. Which is strange to me because they have given me a job for the last four years. And while my level of efficency has (in my opinion) dwindled off over the last couple years, I feel like after you realize you aren’t going to progress anywhere in a company you sort of stop trying. I got as far as I was ever going to go at that place, and that’s fine. I think I’ve given them stuff that has helped (the Armoloy project I worked on last summer and this summer will save the company 3,000 dollars guaranteed plus whatever defect reduction they recieve, and I’m real close to developing an alternative glue that might just fix the leaking problems in acrylics) and in return they’ve given me a great looking resume.

Saturday marks Ian and Emily’s wedding, and it will be the first psuedo-Grove City College event since the fallout with Lindsay. It’ll be a glimpse of what next year will be like, and while I’m excited, it’ll still be different. However, there’ll be plenty of Buffaloes (with a few newlyweds as in this summer), plent of people that graduated the last couple years I haven’t seen (Becca Zorch and a lot of her friends), and a lot of other people I’m sure I haven’t met yet. It’ll also be nice because I’ll be at a table filled with the guys I’ll be living with next year, and I’ve really come to like those guys a whole lot. Delta Rho Sigma was certianly one of the best things I’ve been able to do since going to college.

I’m still working on getting myself out of whatever funk I’ve been in this week. I think come Saturday I’m going to be relaxed and happy. No work on August 9th (packing and maybe GCRI), work 10th and 11th, and then vacation in which this year I won’t be using my laptop nor will I get online. Just me, my family, and the rocks. Soul searching at its finest.



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