About the name of our company for Business Plan Competition

awra2001 (12:17:05 PM): It’s has to be something with a sense of prestige
awra2001 (12:17:29 PM): Something strong and powerful. Like a rock. Something that will last that has the commitments to the future like a college does
pedrotheas (11:18:21 AM): something that doesn’t suck
awra2001 (12:18:51 PM): agreed.
awra2001 (12:19:08 PM): we should call ourselves “Something That Doesn’t Suck, LLC”
pedrotheas (11:19:41 AM): lol it’s catchy, it’s edgy, in-your-face without being overbearing…
awra2001 (12:19:56 PM): right
awra2001 (12:20:16 PM): We could shorten it to “STDS”
pedrotheas (11:21:01 AM): LOL
pedrotheas (11:22:04 AM): oh yeah, that’d look great. “I’m the manager of STDS”
pedrotheas (11:22:34 AM): if we expand, we could say that we have multiple “STDS”
awra2001 (12:23:13 PM): LOL
pedrotheas (11:23:31 AM): if we all have equal shares, we’d have multiple STDS with multiple partners
awra2001 (12:23:40 PM): Oh my goodness
awra2001 (12:23:42 PM): This is great
pedrotheas (11:23:53 AM): oh, the puns would be LIMITLESS
awra2001 (12:26:09 PM): Well, we have to be sure to mention this to the guys
pedrotheas (11:26:45 AM): lol
awra2001 (12:26:57 PM): We all have our part to make STDS better and stronger
pedrotheas (11:27:36 AM): and to see it spread across the nation
awra2001 (12:28:02 PM): So that sooner or later, college students everywhere can say they’ve been affected by STDS
awra2001 (12:28:16 PM): for the better!
pedrotheas (11:29:36 AM): it can be our mission to make STDS an integral part of their lives
pedrotheas (11:30:07 AM): a little piece of something special to go with them for the rest of their lives


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