Talkin’ ’bout womens…

Jon Wilkening (who I now have linked on the side) and I were talking about girls last night, and oddly enough we came to the same exact conclusion about something:

Jon wrote this in his last journal entry:

“… However, the best memories are reserved for those quiet nights spent talking to Anna [his girlfriend] wherever our journeys brought us together. A lot can be learnt over a simple cup of coffee or tea and a willingness to share one’s thoughts and ideas. The little things in life often bring the greatest joy. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a fancy date to get to know a person. Elaborate surroundings can mask a persons’s true nature. We get caught up in the outward trappings rather than discovering a person’s real nature. Communication fuels a relationship rather than simply sending time with each other. Two hours spent in a movie theatre will not reveal anything about a person. A quiet walk in the park will better accomplish the end of furthering your relationship…”

Oddly enough I was talking to Valerie about the same thing on Thursday. When I find the girl I want to marry, I think the biggest things is that we need to share love in the mundane. I’ve never been a guy who thought showing love meant flowers and fancy dinners. I think the biggest way to show love is cuddling with someone late at night watching TV or just talking. Running together in the afternoon because you both want to still look good. Sitting together first thing in the morning talking about the day upcoming. To me, if I had those, I’d never need to go take big vacations. My soul would be right there. And when the big things happened, they’d be that much more significant.

I just think of it as being able to have thousands of little “I love you”S throughout the year than 3 or 4 “I LOVE YOU OH MY GOODNESS”S scattered around the year. Because with the former, there’s no doubt that I love and cherish her more than any other person on this earth. But the latter leaves a lot of space where there’s doubt.

Obviously, what’s clutch is to have both. But I doubt I’ll have the money for awhile to do both.

Anyway, I thought it was funny to hear Jon say it too, at roughly the same time.


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