Good Morning

I’m feeling better today. So whatever funk I was in seemed to lift itself. Which is the way it typically works. I get upset, work through trying to figure it out, and sooner or later it lifts (typically when I get the right answer I think)

Anyway, I think mainly it was because I’ve been feeling kinda lonely of late. The same thing of work, home, sleep wears on me, and while I love my parents and really enjoy hanging out with them, when you see the same two seneries, it grows boring.

I talked to Valerie last night for a few minutes. I had talked to her for nearly an hour last Thursday, and when we were done she said “well, if you want to, you can call me while I’m on vacation. I’m not roaming so that’d be okay.” Not wanting to miss out on that opportunity (like she and I discussed last night – when you talk to someone cool it makes you cooler, but when they’re far away and you talk to them, it makes you even cooler) I called her. It was really nice to hear her laugh and all of that. She’s so much fun.

Today I spend most of the time getting my reports ready for the end. Whoopie. Wedding and Nate’s apartment on Saturday. Sincere whoopie!

Also, right now, I’m wearing size 36 pants. This has not happened for about a year and a half. The whole working out and not eating as much is paying off.


ps – I encourage you all to go back to my political rant a few days back. I added some more stuff and I think it’s interesting. Just my opinion, but feel free to peruse 🙂



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