Odds and Ends

As part of my “many entry day”, I submit another entry featuring all of the random things in my head today.

So the first thing to talk about is going to the wedding Saturday. It was great. We were in Oakland near the Cathedral of Learning in Pittsburgh in the Church of the Ascension. It was the magnificent stone building (which, as we saw on the front, was “builded” in 1896 and 1897). Emily’s dress was amazing, and Ian looked as happy as ever. We had a good time, and it was great to see so many Buffaloes past and present. I can’t wait to see them all in a couple weeks.

I’m starting to feel sad about almost being done at American Standard, but only when I think about my dad. We’ve gotten so much closer as a result. I remember when I was little I would sit on his lap and ask him what color tub he made that day. And then I went to American Standard and actually got to see the colors he made. We’ve ridden together for the last 3 years now, and it’ll be sad not to have that time and to share those minutes during the day. It really struck me as I was walking on the fourth floor today. There’s a door that you can walk right on the roof, and when I walked to it I looked around the plant and just thought “well, gee, this is about it, isn’t it?” I’m learning I’m not very good at dealing with change. I’ll leave American Standard on Thursday and basically be done with it forever and go on to different things. And my dad will still be here. For some reason that depresses me. Not very many sons get the chance to work with their dad, and I did.

Gosh. It really does make me sad.

In better news, I think I may have a name for the Business Plan company a few of us are creating: Congruent Enterprises. Congruent basically means to harmonize two different things, and that’s the point of my company. It’s nice to have somewhere to go now.

And for that matter, I unveiled the time line I want to follow to the rest of the team, and hopefully we’re going to get started. I’ve also created the board hierarchy and the stock designations, and so now it’s a matter of starting to make something out of nothing, which is one of my favorite things to do. I just hope I can keep my team as excited about all of it as I am.

Something that has happened over the last couple weeks is that I’ve gained a new sense of somber peace. It’s almost a realization of my place right now in life, and how close I’m coming to independence and how scary that really is. I still don’t like growing up, and I doubt I’m ever going to. But I will enjoy the future and what it holds. It’s a tough dichotomy to live through, but it seems inherent to me. Ah well.

Tomorrow is out with the mom type to get school supplies, and then packing for school and vacation. MMMMMMM… Maine.

I’m determined to try blueberry ale while I’m up there. I’ll let you all know the verdict when I get back.



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