The ladies and gentlemen that comprise my links

I want to encourage those of you who read my journal on a regular basis to take a look at these people. Each of them are/were significantly close to me at one time or another, and I love to check out what they’re saying:

russel stelts – Russ is a senior with me, and like Jon, has been part of my group of close guy friends since freshman year. He’s roommates with Justin (pedrotheas), and has always provided a great viewpoint on things. He’s been one of the few people that has been willing to get into my face about things, and while it may have been difficult to hear then, it has always been greatly appreciated, and I don’t know if I’ve told him that enough.

emily rossol – Emily is a sophomore this year. I got to know her and Bethany because of their close friendship with a couple of the guys on my hall, and in turn their friendships with me. It’s been a blessing to get to know Emily and watch her relationship with Jesse grow. I can’t wait to see both of them real soon.

bethany geer – Bethany is someone I psuedoknew, as her brother was on my freshman hall. She’s one of the most generally down to earth and relaxing individuals I’ve met. She takes things in such great stride.

jon wilkening – Jon has been one of my friend’s has been around through thick and thin. He’s unassuming, but when you need him, he’s always there, and always has insightful things to say that never are rude or hurtful, but always edifying.

lindsay smith – Lindsay Smith is hands-down the best journal/blog author of all of the journals I keep track of. She has such an amazing wit and can get her point across in ways that will blow you away. Lindsay Vance Smith, you are a delight.

So feel free to peruse and comment on their journals. I’m sure they’d appreciate it.




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