Poppycock and flim-flam

I’m sitting in my room here, waiting to get really tired so I can get to bed, and I’m thinking about the summer.

Which for most of you is enough, but far be it from me to stop there.

1. I’ve learned that I’m nowhere near perfect, but I’m also not bad either. The problem is people either tell me I’m great or I suck. I encourage people from now on just to say I’m okay.

2. Breakin’ up is hard to do. No matter what side of it you’re on. Because you still sacrifice your heart.
3. There is no panacea except optimism coupled with faith in the Lord.

4. For so many years I’ve thought to myself that I’m in this search to “become the man I want to be”. And I thought about it today, and for some reason that mantra doesn’t seem to fit anymore. Not to say I’m where I want or need to be, but I think the becoming has became and I’m slowly developing the man I am.

5. I become motivated in the clutch. Senior year and I have more energy at this point than I have ever since being in college. I’m feeling like I don’t handle new beginnings as well as I thought I did, but relish when I’m finally comfortable and can spread my roots. It’s that growth stage where I’m at my best. And this Business Plan has me at 110%. History would show that I typically get less excited about things once the going gets tough, but it’s something I’m working on and trying to be better at – following through takes all the passion I have and focuses it. My roomie last year, Josh, told me on multiple occasions “Adam, if you did half the stuff you said you’d do, it would be awesome”… I’ve tried to take that to heart.
5b. Josh Bush has really been one of the best friends I’ve ever had in my entire life.

6. When I have an idea of what I want out of life (be it your job, your family, your future girlfriend/wife), I should never, ever compromise those beliefs. On the contrary, I should be refining them. Every day allots another chance for me to understand in a greater capacity God’s ultimate plan for my life. And I don’t see God as a backpedaler.

7. If I’m wrong, however, I need to be the first to admit it.

8. Politics really does interest me.

9. I still hate growing up.

Well, I think I may try to call my good (and only) friend from Oklahoma. And then it’s off to bed and onto Maine.



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