Yeah. My last day of work at American Standard. I can’t believe it’s all gone by so quickly. I mean, it doesn’t even feel like it’s August. I still am thinking it’s June or something.

But, as my wise teacher Mr. Jack Auman said, life feels like 1 divided by your years. So while you’re young, life goes at, say, 1/4th, it’s quite a bit different at 1/21st.

I’m an idiot, by the way. I dented my van on my way to get a celebratory “last day of work” breakfast sammich from Dunkin Donuts. The thing you have to understand about our Dunkin Donuts is that the drive thru is not designed for anything but bicycles basically because it’s such a tight turn. Anyway, I didn’t negotiate it properly and bit one of the caution poles, denting a small portion of the driver’s side middle door. And why is it that car metal always sounds about 50 times worse than any other metal bending or crunching? Personally, I find that squeal the most annoying sound in the world.

As as a postscript, my brother agreed that it wasn’t bad. So I don’t feel completely stupid… only partially.

I talked to Kaylan on the phone on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, and it was so nice to hear her voice again after all the many times we’d missed each other and played phone tag. She is so easy to talk to, and considering I don’t know her all that well, it’s really odd and impressive. I’ve noticed that those are the people that you either get really close to and really come to care for, or the people who burn out quickly because you get too deep too quick. I feel as though this will be the former over the latter, mainly because we’re a lot the same type of person. I look back on many of her entries and think about how I would react similarly to the same situation. And while I don’t think everyone should be the same as you when you seek out friendships, it’s nice to have a couple people that understand who you are on a subconscious level. It’s those type of people that sustain you.

I’m sure she isn’t the only one, but she’s the most apparent right now.

The BPC is rolling at a good pace considering we aren’t even in school yet. My friend Russell is designing a logo for our company (which I’m hoping will be named Congruent Enterprises), and by the time I get back from vacation I hope to have a mission statement and parts of an executive summary. My ultimate goals for the project are:

1) To have a business plan by December
2) To have created a downtown incubator for students and community (and also to be used as Congruent Enterprises main offices) by December
3) To have at least 50% of the investors needed by March
4) To win the competition in April

I’ve given a lot of thought to actually seeing the concept through and staying in Grove City as the CEO of the company itself. Running my own company was something I didn’t envision when I started college. But now, as the project takes shape and becomes something that actually could work, I see the possibilities. I know too there are a couple members of my team now that may be willing to take a couple years and help me get it off the ground. I just keep thinking that God has blessed this project already and maybe this is the door I’ve been waiting to walk through. And if not, it’s okay, because when I’m done with Congruent, I will have tremendous experience in what it takes to run a company, and it will surely help me in the long run.

I’m still looking at grad schools, and think I may take some serious time looking into Ohio State. Not only is it close (3 hours) and cheaper (in state), they have a dual degree program for Higher Education and Human Resources – so basically I’d get a masters in the two things I want to do in life. And that seems perfect. The only thing is the GRE. Blugh. But I hear most Grovers do ridiculously well on it (consider that the average ACT score is a 27 or so and then add your bell curve to that… it’d make sense), so I suppose I should have faith in that. But it’s still standardized testing, and it’s still a couple hundred dollars and it’s still having to be clutch the first time. But hey, I’m down for clutch.

Tomorrow it’s embarking on Bar Harbor, Maine, where the weather next week will vacillate from rainy to sunny and the highs will be in the low to mid 70s. Perfect.



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