Alright… couple things political:

Chances are you won’t agree with what I’m saying, but if you do, great 🙂

If you don’t, feel free to comment and I’ll clarify:

1) McGreevy should be resigning. Not because he’s gay, but because he was stupid enough to put his gay lover in a position that I’m sure he knew he couldn’t get the security clearance for. And because it’s such a hot button issue, it will be real convenient for everyone to look at how “progressive” Jersey is. Bull. Talk about causing wreaking havoc.

Furthermore, if he’s allowed to toss homosexuality around, I want to bring faith into politics. Oh. My bad. There is no law encouraging the seperaration of sexuality and state.

2) To all democrats – please stop whining or please cork those of you who are. I try so hard not to be partisan, but I’m growing sick and tired of these individuals (mostly democrats) who keep wanting the government to do everything for them becasue of their oh-so-pitiful-I’m-not-rich victim complexes.

If you spent as much time being responsible for yourself and less time looking and acting like a 4 year old, you’d probably be one of the rich people you want to tax the bejezus out of.

And talk about a conumdrum, eh?

3) If John Kerry really is taking both sides on this Vietnam thing for his own personal gain, that caused him to lose my vote. At least be honest. I don’t care if you dodged the draft or whatever, but don’t be all proud of serving, and then change your mind, and then change it back again. That’s disgraceful to those who came home and had to deal with the ridicule after going to a place where they didn’t want to be. Furthermore, when there’s smoke, there’s fire, and after all this talk about Cambodia, it makes be wonder.

4) James Carville is a prick – regardless of politics. ’nuff said.

5) Bill Clinton, while I did like him when I began to care about politics, is in my mind to blame for the state we’re in now. The reason why he looks good though is because he knows how to talk… he’s graceful. GWB can’t talk his way out of a wet paper bag, but he does shoot straight. And maybe we don’t understand him, but at least he tries. And goodness, that’s better in my mind than glossing things over and riding on the coattails of those before you.

6) Like it or not, folks, republicans are better for the economy.

7) al-Sadr has stones to apply for a purple heart. Forgive my uber-testosterone speak, but I’d have no problem for them to present it to him on a Patriot missle. That being said…

8) Let Iraq take care of its own. And then we’ll see if we were right. (which we will be, in my humble opionion)

a journal entry featuring the day (an actual journal for once)



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