Morning everyone

So I realized that hey, I don’t have any classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday why not make a more concerted effort to write a little bit in here. So, apologies are in order for me not putting anything in here.

Lots of nifty things have happened since coming back to school:

1. The Business Plan Competition group has started, and while we’re rotating members due to people being unable to take the time, it looks like we’re going to get things rolling here. And obviously I realize that things won’t be all pie-in-the-sky, but I think if we work at it one step at a time, we’ll make something of it.

2. Me and Dr., Dr., THOMPSON – (Like Me and Mrs. Jones) – Anyway, I went to church with the Thompsons this Sunday which was a fantastic experience. We went to Hermatige Church of Christ and then to Red Lobster. One thing I’m noticing this year – and I’m not sure if it’s purely because I’m a senior, because I’ve paid my dues, or what – but I’m becoming much closer to the people who I’ve always admired. I’m making a concerted effort to be with these people, get to know them and have more than just a business relationship with them. Dr. Thompson is a good example. I would have never gone to church with Mrs. Paxton, but it felt right to do that with Dr. Thompson. My RD, Erik Wessel and I are becoming fast friends, and I’m going to be going to a conference with him the first weekend in October. God is constantly bringing me into contact with people who can mentor me and mold me, and it’s exciting to know He’s behind all of it.

3. Delta Rho Sigma – I’m excited for the opportunities this year. Adam (my roommate) and I were discussing a lot of it. And think one of the things we both realized is hey, finally, after all this time, we have to be examples. And, finally, all the struggles and trial by fire I experienced is making the sense I had hoped it would. Did I have to set an example last year? Sho’ did. But, as important as that was, here are guys that are brothers in the same group, and here are sophomores that we selected. It was partially my choice to put these guys there, and I have the responsibility to teach. And it’s scary to be sure. But I think our Bible Study will really be a fantastic teaching tool for God, and I think the things we need to cover will be done in a very candid and loving way. My goal this year with myself and the rest of the guys is to raise Godly men of integrity – something the world needs desperately. And I feel these are guys who can do that. Do we all need a little work? Certainly. But we’ll continue to prayerfully approach the subject and see where we’re led.

4. Oh! And I met Rachel Hamm (). Sweet.

Since coming back, God’s revealed to me what I feel He tried to train me for the summer. Even in July, I had the sense of something being wrong. I kept taking inventory and realized that one spot in my life, if I were going to try to lead anyone spiritually, needed some priority, and it was integrity. Being someone who says what he does and does what he says. Loving and tender, but with strength and power, he’s trusted. And I want to be that person. And it’s taken some serious thought about how to get there. And so lots of prayer went into it, especially concerning the way I was treating relationships with girls and stuff. And then I come back and I’m exctied and ready for everything. And then I screw up. And we’re talking not just the little stuff, but I basically went back to my old patterns. But something different happened. Adam and I talked about some of the stuff, and he replied “I don’t think you may be setting a good example for the guys”. That instantly sent me into a tailspin, because I realized he was right. And while my ultimate purpose isn’t to serve man but to serve God, sometimes you need to be reminded of what else you’re not doing. And so it’s put me back on a better track. I’m back to reading “My Utmost for His Highest”, reading a lectionary to keep in my Bible, and praying more often than I was. Because, in the end, how can I ever expect the Buffaloes to work with me and have me try to lead them if I’m not a fit leader? God’s been so faithful, and it’s nice to be back on a good track. And, obviously, Satan is going to work on me, but I refuse to let that take me off this track now. You have to cling on the narrow road.

Also, something else God’s doing that surprised me is the amount of marriage talk that’s surrounded me since I’ve gotten back to school. I’ve learned more about what it takes to be a mature Christian man and how then to approach a mature Christian relationship in Courtship and Marriage. People have really drug that term Courtship through the mud – myself included. But four years older and wiser since I read “Boy Meets Girl”, I think it really just comes down to realizing that the key to a good relationship with anyone or anything is to place God between you and whatever you’re seeking to achieve a relationship with. And it doesn’t mean lifting holy hands everytime you meet, but it does mean a constant reflection of God’s principles in relation to how one relates to others.

And then, to make it even wierder, at church Sunday we’re beginning to discuss I Corinthians 7 (The Marriage Chapter), and we took background on Christian marriage, and then next week we’ll hit the subject.

Que Ironico.

Anywho, I’m heading to lunch with Dr. Thompson here shortly, so I gotsta bounce. I’ll rap at y’all later (hopefully Friday).

…and I’m back…



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