In Macro with Herbie

I enjoy this class. It’s one of those things, however, that I’m pleased that I’m taking as a senior as opposed to many of the freshman in the class. Which brings me to the topic for today…

Adam and I had a good conversation about this yesterday (and as a sidenote, I’m really enjoying living with Adam. We goof around and have a fun time, but also there is a bond between the two of us to work to make each other better men of God. We’ve been doing that together since sophomore year, so it’s nice to be able to continue it in the same room). A bunch of the guys in the quad were watching Mean Girls, and Adam, Nakis, Hodge and I went in there and teased them a little bit. Adam’s had this away message up for the majority of the day:

“As I ridicule the sophomore Buffaloes for watching Mean Girls on DVD in their room, I have a newfound respect for those Buffaloes that were seniors when I was a sophomore. It’s amazing how the tables have changed over two years. I used to be the object of ridicule and known as “Teenie Bopper Keene.” I like to think that most of those days are behind me. Today, I harrass them for their infatuation with Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff. My oh my how the tables have turned…”

We talked about it later, and it’s really funny to realize the type of growth you attain year after year as you progress through college. Every year is a significant growth. I look back to who I was freshman and sophomore year and who I am now as a senior and it’s crazy to think I was there. I was part of a growing band, a member of OB, and just beginning to date Lindsay through sopomore year. And I am none of that this year. But even beyond that, I’ve grown. God says He’ll never give us more than we can handle, and I believe that works both ways. God doesn’t give us understanding we can’t grasp for whatever reason. A great example is Godly marriage. For the last few years I hadn’t spent much time learning about. And then I get back into school and I’m in courtship and marriage and at church we’re studying I Corinthians 7 – the chapter Paul writes all about marriage. Now, I’m not a proponent of predestination, but I do believe God actively helps me and guides me in my life like my earthly father would. My dad may not force me in a direction, but there are always certain situations I’m in where I think about something he said that speaks to me or an action of his. God is presenting me with this information on marriage at this time for a reason. And I need to be preparing for it.

Not to say that’s the only thing God’s showing me, but it’s been amusing of late.

Alright… class is almost over.



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