Question for everyone:

How many of you all have heard of the Coalition for Christian Outreach? I’m seriously considering applying there post-graduation, especially if I decide to stay with the Higher Ed track (which is looking more and more the case). But I’d love to get some feedback from all of you to figure out the general feel of it.

Biggest thing Adam Anderson has learned this week

Forgiveness is not always an easy thing. It’s so easy to allow ourselves to get buried in our on frustrations and our own personal feelings and not let ourselves focus on God’s way. I had a problem with that this week. I almost let myself get really upset over a situation and allow to cause more problems than it was ever worth. But as time goes along, the whole concept of trying at all time thinking about what God would ask us to do pays off. Because when push comes to shove, God helps you remember these things. And I thought to myself in my frustration “Where is God’s ministy in this?” and there it was.

As this year goes on, I’m seeing God as this incredible loving being in my life. He’s not always kind, but He’s fair and loving, and that makes everything worth it.

Bible Study is going real well on the hall, too. Guys are opening up and being honest with each other, and not monopolizing conversation, which is great. We struck out on a challenge this week, and I think guys really are trying – I know I am.

Class is over, more later, pnl.


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