So what else is new?

So I’m in a date auction here on campus. Here is the advertisement on one of the guys profiles:

Delta Rho Sigma Buffalo Date Auction
When: October 11-15
Where:Table is in the SAC
Why: Proceeds to benefit Make-A-Wish
Who: 16 of the finest men on campus (Matt Swab, Bob McNees, Jake Kettlewell, Jeff “Ice Cold” Stone, Eric Toohey, Mike “Hoss” Hostutler, Don Burkhart, Adam Benjamin, Adam Anderson, Chris Nakis, Ian Hughes, Scott Loresch, Jon “Shooter” Essel, Jeremy Roberts, Matt Ziders and none other than Clint Stewart)

So this should be a lot of fun. It’s partially for us, and a big portion is for Make-A-Wish because the group had helped Clint a lot when he was realy sick. It’ll also be nice because hey, it’s a date, and I’m not one not to enjoy a date 🙂

I also had to fill out a bio for the guys who are running it, and I give it to all of you for you viewing pleasure:

1. What is your full name?
Adam Anderson

2. What is your birthday?
October 14, 1982

3. Where are you from (hometown)?
Youngstown, OH

4. What year are you at Grove City College?

5. What is your major(s)?

6. What sports/activities/groups do you participate in on campus?
Any IM sport, Residence Life (2 Years), Delta Rho Sigma, Grove City Revitalization Committee

7. Briefly describe your stunning good looks.
I’m that down home, bring home to your parents and they’ll love you type of look.

8. On a scale from 1-20, how hot are you (twenty being the hottest)?

9. How much do you usually cost for a three hour date?
At least a dollar. Well, maybe a dollar.

10. Are you single? If no, does your girlfriend know you are in this auction?
I am single.

11. What are some of your Likes and Dislikes?
I like relaxing, hanging out with friends, shaking my tailfeather, and sleeping. Lots of sleeping. Spooning too. LOVE spooning.

12. What do you like to do on the weekends?
Sleep, Spoon, hang out.

13. What is your Favorite Movie?
Napoleon Dynamite

14. What is your Favorite TV Show?
The Simpsons, The Family Guy

15. Do you have a car? If so, what kind?
1999 Dodge Voyager

16. If you had to bid for a Buffalo other than yourself, who would you bid for and why?
Jeff Stone, because he’s just so cute!

17. Describe your dream on campus date.
We’d start off taking a nice walk on lower campus, enjoying the benches and grass. Then we’d come up to my place for some intervis action, and then finally, we’d end up in the SAC.

18. Describe your dream off campus date.
A nice picnic out by a lake just relaxing and enjoy each other’s company.

19. What is your worst dating experience ever (if you have any dating experience)?
I have not had a bad dating experience yet!

20. What would you like to do on your date?
Whatever the girl who’d buy me would want to do. I’m down for just about anything.

So if anyone would like a date and doesn’t mind paying some cash, I’m down for whatever 🙂



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