Finally writing on a break…

My essay is almost done. Which is fantastic, but I can’t help but feel there’s a bit lacking in this essay. It’s just getting done for the sake of getting done. There’s not a lot of coherent thought, but a lot of solid information. Maybe it’s going to take some thesis switching, but we’ll take a look at that on Monday. But as soon as that’s done, I have to start working on my Courtship and Marraige paper. Using 7 sources, I have to write an 8 page paper on my personal opinions on marriage and divorce. It’ll be a nice paper to write and will put a lot of what I think about those subjects into greater focus, but still… it’s a college paper, and I’m a senior and I’m getting tired of doing work.

In about 3 months you can start senioritis Adam… but you have to get through this one. Oh, and at midterms I have a 3.08… not bad, not good. We’ll definitely see that go up because of a C- in one class and a B- in another that will both definitely go up.

I love watching World Series baseball… espeically the Red Sox being there. I think the Red Sox have become my second favorite team behind only the Indians. And the Sox are up already… let’s hope they make it all the way through this year.

Anyway… I’m out. pnl


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