Chapel This morning

Chapel this morning made me think quite a bit about how I’m doing things.

We listened to this guy talk about what it is to be an ambassador, and namely a Christian ambassasdor. Christians are given many different names of what we’re supposed to be – a warrior is something that you hear a lot. But the more I’ve thought about it, I think ambassador is the best way to think of it.

A warrior is someone with passion. They will fight to the death for something they love, and won’t stop because they’re so dedicated. But what a warrior has in passion they lack in knowledge. I tend to think of a warrior that doesn’t think and just does. They’ll plod over peasants and precious farm land in order to get the ultimate goal – to defeat their enemy.

But the ambassador is different. He, too, shares that passion. He wants nothing more than good relations between his country and another country. To be able to see eye-to-eye with another group and to show them the benefit of his country. He too won’t stop until he defeats the enemy – but I think his enemy is hatred and ignorance – not individuals.

And as Christians, I feel like we do ourselves disservice by being warriors. While we have our goal in mind – to bring the kingdom of Heaven to all, we quickly lose track of the people that we might turn off or hurt in the process. But the ambassador mindset takes into account each of those people and determine how to help them to join the Kingdom too. To miss them is a disservice to all sides.

Anyway, class. Talk to you all later. New and exciting things happening such as fall party, Hickstoberfest, and just life.

peace and love.


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