Woo! Sitting down with LiveJournal

Hey all –

I finally have a chance to write again. I apologize for not for so long, but you avid readers of my journal know that when school comes I don’t write as much. But breaks – yessir, I have time to read and to write.

The election is now a memory in the minds of America, but it’s backlash can be felt here and there. And it bothers me, not as a Christian, not as an individual who voted for George Bush, but as an American.

I’m growing steadily more and more disgusted by individuals who are constantly touting their disapproval of the reelection of W by saying “I’m so sick of this, I’m moving to Canada.” What American are you – one who was so adamant about getting Kerry in office to save the nation, but so willing to turn your back on it when it does not go your way? I find you to be more disgusting and more hurtful to this nation than any political pundit – because at least they have the will to stay in this country even if the majority do not agree. Isn’t that the same exact attitude you expressed frustration over when you felt this country was becoming partisan? And isn’t it part of the reason you don’t like W? Hypocrites. Regardless of whether you agree with the president’s politics you are an American over anything else – Democrat, Republican, Libertarian. And it saddens me you’d rather leave the country that allows you your freedoms.

If you’re that little of an American, leave. We don’t need you here, anyway. We need all people regardless of politics to care about what we have.

I was accepted into the CCO. That means I basically have a job. Which is fantastic – a major part of my life figured out, and the door God’s been waiting to open. I’ve been thinking about where I would want to try to seek a job if they have it open. Right now I see myself in about a 100 mile radius of home. That basically stretches from Cleveland to Erie to Pittsburgh to West Virginia and back around through Akron and Kent. It’s a tremendously large amount of colleges, especially when you look at CCO’s regional map. I thoguht for the longest time I wanted to be back at Grove City – it’s a dream of mine – but I realize that I have a vision that I recieved and GCC, and there’s other schools that want and need that vision. So I go where the Lord leads and be excited regardless. After all, it worked with Grove City, it’s worked with getting into the CCO, and I have no doubt God’s plan trumps my own any day. One of the biggest joys of being a Christian, I’ve realized, is the knowledge that the Creator of the perfect world has my best interests at heart. He loves me perfectly.

That’s about it for tonight. Like Clint, I have about a gazillion things to talk about, and have no fear, I will discuss ’em all at great lengths… but for now, I want to curl up in my own bed and head to sleep. Goodnight, world.

peace and love.


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