Senioritis, Part II; and other various and sundry things

So as the semester is winding down, I’m watching my grades slowly head further and further south. If you could see a graph of afformentioned test grades, they’d range from a 95 to a 66… and they basically go in order.

I’ve decided that the problem is I’m just not being a good student. I’m not studying really, I read things just before the day of the test, and I’m basically bumming around waiting for college to be done. This is not exactly what I did my senior year of high school, but then again by this point I didn’t know where I was going to college yet, and let’s be honest – high school was a smidge easier than college (and, from what I hear from GCC alums, grad school is easier than undergrad… mmhmmm). So the answer is pretty simple – I need to be a good student again. The nice thing is I’m still completely capable of getting on the Dean’s List this semester, all I have to do is put the nose to the grindstone and belt out some good work.

I set the goal in front of me that I wanted to hit a 3.3 before I graduated – this is completely possible if I get on the Dean’s List this semester, and plug through during intercession and next semester. The key is not losing sight of that focus. (as a bitter postscript, if it was for that stupid paper in management and the subsequent C+ in the class, I’d probably have a 3.3 now).

So CCO again. I need to figure out where to live after graduation. My parents don’t want me to go all that far away from home, and I won’t disagree. I think for the first couple years it’d be nice to still be within the area (as it is, CCO only serves the Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania areas). So I’m thinking if you draw lines connecting Cleveland, Erie, Pittsburgh, and Akron together, that’d be where I’d work. And there’s a lot there (I think I may have said this once).

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a gorgeous movie. I recommend it to anyone who’s willing to be lost in a movie for a few mintues. It makes all sorts of sense at the end, you just have to get there is all.

I had to lead church today for an ailing grandfather (he has the flu, and can’t talk). It was really enjoyable, and I got all choked up at the end. Silly me. I’m just a putz 🙂

1. Cincinnati, Ohio
2. Carlisle, Pennsylvania
3. Springfield, Missouri
4. Olympia, Washington
5. Tacoma, Washington
6. Bloomington, Indiana
7. Seattle, Washington
8. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
9. Overland Park, Kansas
10. Kent, Washington
11. Long Island, New York
12. St. Louis, Missouri
13. Bellingham, Washington
14. Kansas City, Missouri
15. Columbia, Missouri
16. Evansville, Indiana
17. Bremerton, Washington
18. Topeka, Kansas
19. Branson, Missouri
20. Knoxville, Tennesee
21. Chattanooga, Tennesee
22. Omaha, Nebraska
23. Indianapolis, Indiana
24. Albany, New York

…so apparently I’d really like Washington state if I went there.



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