100.3 and rising… huwah!

So in the never ending irony that is my life, after pledging I’d work harder on my grades, I now have a temperatue of 100.3 and crazy body aches. I’m sick, folks, and chances are will be even post my return to Grove City.

Towards a more verbose entry:

The word diatribe… if you put bitter in front of it, isn’t that a little redundant? I mean, can you have anything but a bitter diatribe, or something related. In other words, I doubt you can have a joyful diatribe.

If I am in error, please let me know.

So my brother might get an externship at a place near home, which would be really nice for him – no rent, learning experience, and when I come home I can get homecooked culinary graduate food. mmhmmmm.

TO and MNF – apparently there was a cartoon in the Tribune Chronicle that showed a family talking about it, and during it there was Viagra commercials and all that. 50,000 people wrote in to the FCC to complain, yet I get to hear all about how Bob Dole is getting Libby going with the blue pill of might. It’s just a double standard, regardless of how true it is – if you’re going to be mad at one, don’t laud the other. How many parents do you think wrote in about the pre-game show, and then consequently used an ED drug that night? SHADY.

Speaking of shady, Harvard’s endowment, the largest in the country, is under scrutiny becuase of the amount they pay their investors. A smaller version of the article from the Wall Street Journal is on the AP wire, and copied here:

BOSTON – The top managers of Harvard’s huge endowment were paid more than $78 million in the past fiscal year – an amount some alumni say is wildly excessive.

The two highest-paid managers – David R. Mittelman and Maurice Samuels – received about $25 million each for the fiscal year that ended June 30, down from $35 million the year before, when the Ivy League school’s $22 billion endowment had higher investment returns.

The top six employees – including Mittelman and Samuels – together earned $78.4 million, almost all in the form of performance bonuses, the university said. That represents a 27 percent decline from the $107.5 million in the previous year.

Harvard Class of 1969 alumni have sent a series of protest letters over the fund managers’ compensation.

“The amounts they are paying these folks are obscenely high,” class member Stan Eleff said Tuesday.

Harvard Management Co. said its bonus system rewards only investment gains that exceed market performance and that the university would spend more if it had an external fund manager. Harvard’s endowment is far larger than any other university’s.

A) Crapload of money… one guy alone grossed 25 million this year.
B) What an endowment… my school doesn’t even have a major endowment… about 1% of our operation revenues are endowment (and I know we are about 50,000,000 in operating expenses every year)… and we do just as well… but imagine that kind of money in our pockets – we’d be going to school FREE!

In closing, I give you a speech from Alan Keyes that he gave for commencement one year at our school. It sums up what I think we as Grovers strive for – to be failures in the world’s eyes


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