So I thought I’d send an ECard to a friend, and while watching MTV The Real World came on and this girl kept talking about “Cuddle Cards”… incessantly. “I sent my boyfriend a Cuddle Card, I always send Cuddle Card, Cuddle Card, Cuddle Card”

Say the words “Cuddle Card” a few times and you’ll understand why I wanted to punch the girl.

But it was good advertisement because I decided to go there and check it out… and as I was, I noticed there was a section for “Breaking Up”. WHO THE HECK BREAKS UP WITH SOMEONE WITH AN ECARD! I mean, I’m guilty of basically calling a relationship quits in an email (a dumb, uncouth choice on my part, and one which I learned my lesson by), but at least I had the niceness to make it personal. I can only imagine:

“Oh, alright,” I think as I’m checking my email, “a Cuddle Card from my girl… oh I love her so much!”
Click the link… and I get this.
“Well, that sucks.”

That’s bad. And I won’t be sending that one to the person I’m sending my Cuddle Card too (Have you gotten annoyed by “Cuddle Card” yet?)… it is in fact, this one. Sweet and cheezy all at the same time. 🙂



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