I’m getting older. This is something that you know, I know, we all know. I have expected getting older since I became aware of it, and plan on getting older until I die.

But I did not expect all of the introspection that would occur as I get older. And here I am, thinking a lot of what I’m doing as a person, and who I am.

Am I setting a good enough example?
Am I loving God the way I should?
Do I spend too much time worrying about pointless stuff?
Why am I not living my life to the fullest and not tapping all of my potential?
Do people really like me like they say they do? And does that even matter?

I’m asking people’s honest advice about me – what do you think I could do better as a person? What can I improve on?

And so, I turn it over to those of you who read my journal. Let me know what you think I do well, what I don’t do well, and what I can improve on.




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