The Christian Campus Virus

We were talking about it last night. There’s a pervasive virus that sweeps across Christian campuses, and I think it’s tied in greatly with the Gen-Y mindset along with this overt dedication to being principled. I’ve explained it once, and here it is again:

…I want a girl who loves silly, offbeat humor, that’d really think it was cute if I did whacked-out romantic stuff. Like write an LFO song dedicated to her (telephone poles, Dinty Moore beef stew / I’m glad I found a girl like you). I want a happy love. I think about it, and the loves I’ve had have been things like superficial, overly deep and probing, and just plain depressing. Not really fun, not really enjoyable. It’s always felt like work to make a relationship. And for the longest time I guess… well, I don’t know what I thought, but I’m tired of what I did think. I’m tired of not being off the cuff, jumping around, just BEING FUN. You don’t get too much of that at Grove City, in my experience. You ask a girl out, and either she’s freaked out because she thinks you want to get married, or thinks you want to get married and is all over that, when hey, you just wanted coffee and a smile or two. And I’m almost sure there’s guys like that too. Either way, it sucks that a guy and a girl can’t get together to enjoy themselves without finding a free weekend to get married in the chapel.

Almost 2 years it’s the same thing. You can’t take a girl out for coffee without having a game plan for years. You can’t just be sweet and kind without having to drop back and punt things you’re uncomfortable with. If I want to make you dinner, I do it because I’m having fun. I want five dates to figure out the next five dates, not to marry you. The time will come for the purpose and for the seriousness, but relax and enjoy life for even the smallest moment without extra pretense.

I’m just frustrated by it. All of my relationships on this campus sans one ended on that note – that there was an inability to commit to something that had no need to be committed to yet.

We’ll see what happens in the next semester, but as for me, I’m going to just throw it all up into the air and let God just direct the path – as seriously or not as He wants.


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