The ideal woman

Last night on the way back from tutoring in Pittsburgh, the group of us in the van started talking about what our ideal person would be to marry. At the time I had a few things, but I thought it was interesting. So, for all of you who may care, I give you my laundry list of the things I would love to find in the girl who I want to marry.

Looks: Personally, looks are the least important part of the whole thing. Of course I think it’s important to be with a girl you find attractive, but I don’t have this ideal girl that I must have. To me, the girl of my dreams cares enough about how she looks to not care. She’s completely capable of looking fantastic at any time, but doesn’t feel obligated to do so. She’s the grey sweatpants, no makeup type of girl. Over that, she needs to be confident in her looks. That’s the x-factor in the whole thing. I’m not saying she has to act like she’s the hottest thing in the world, but she has to have faith in her looks.

Principled: The girl I want to marry has to stand on her principles. She needs to be someone who knows what she believes in this life and has the ability to live it out. It does not, however, mean that she has to be focused. She may not have any idea what she wants to do with her life, but she knows that she loves this and that, thinks that this is right and this is wrong, and won’t let people sway her easily. This also doesn’t mean she’s elitest. She’s willing to listen and willing to be open minded, but not so much so that her brains fall out and she won’t be centered. That’s probably the biggest quality I need – have integrity and character. Having a relationship with God fits in this area.

Love in the mundane: Basically, I want a girl who can go to the Symphony but also enjoys working in the garden. Someone who’s open to good experiences, good times, and good company regardless of where. Like I’ve said before, I want a girl who finds love in the mundane, because it establishes a much better foundation. When I can kiss her when we’re pulling weeds and know she’s having fun because we’re doing something basic and boring together, that’s when the companionship and love begins and sustains. I feel like if there’s something my parents taught me about marriage, it would be that. They have just as much fun making spaghetti sauce than going out for a night on the town because they’re with each other and that’s what makes it work.

Someone who would like 2-4 kids
Someone who’s good at money
Someone who is organized
Having a dumb sense of humor (they need to be able to laugh at my jokes, and most of the time they’re dumb :P)
Someone who loves and appreciates her parents
Someone who sees romance as a lot more than just roses and chocolates
Somoene who is not content with me or her as they were yesterday, and strive to be better in all ways, and encourages me to grow.
Gentle, but powerful.


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