Here we stand

Dear reader,

Happy spring, and sorry. I haven’t been doing a good job updating. If you look over the course of this journal, you’ll see I go in phases – the superficial quiz stage, the apologetic I should write meaningfully, too much information, and then back to superficial. So you read now in stage two. And I just realized I haven’t written anything of depth since about January. In any case, if you wanted something new and insightful, it’s not that time. But if you want a semester update, viola:

First, I’m debating whether on May 14th to close this journal and move on to something else. After all, this has been a college journal. Starting freshman year, it traces my life at school and what it’s meant to me. It seems fitting to close it out and start a new blog – more geared to the grown up life – CCO and the like. I’d appreciate thoughts, and perhaps a place to rest my journalistic head.

Secondly, what’s new? Well, as I mentioned, CCO has now become more serious. I had my Placement Preview Event where I had a series of 30 minute interviews with multiple schools and churches. Picture a RD/Student minister combine, and you’ll get the idea. Anyway, from 6 interviews there, I whittled (and so did the organizations) down my list to 3 interviews. These were with Westminster College in New Wilmington, PA; the Kirk House through First Covenant Presbyterian church in Erie, PA (working through the church and Gannon University), and an RD position at Gannon as well. All three interviews went well, and now it’s waiting to find out which of these positions extend me a position (if any of them). I feel confident in Westminster still. It seems like the right fit, and all of the interviews went really well. What’s wild about all of it is that I’m not worried. I wasn’t nervous in my second interviews at any of the places. This is just the right thing for me now, and that peace is wonderful to have.

That’s basically enveloped my life. And it’s been exhausting. Each of my interviews were entire day events – I was at Gannon from 11 on Thursday to 9 the next morning. It’s such emotional highs you have to endure, to be that perfect person for 8 hours straight – stand straight, sit straight, smile, watch every word you say and your inflection, and then review everything you say afterwards just to be sure you didn’t say anything stupid. It’s greuling. And I’m pleased to say that for now it’s done. There might be another interview at Robert Morris on the horizon, but that’s more if these others don’t pan out.

There are a couple more exciting things in my life that I’m not at liberty to really talk about on my journal. For those of you who know exactly what I’m talking about, just know that things are going really well, and are just looking better.

I’m off… pnl


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