Georgia, Sweet Georgia

Good Friday service was awesome. I miss church when I’m at school. Hearing a member of your family preach to a church is awesome.

I decided to purchase a Best of Ray Charles album tonight, somewhat impusively. It was a good impluse. This is the same reason I love jazz music (and why, as a recent GQ article puts it, why jazz now blows): because there’s an edge to it. There’s something there that wasn’t there before. There’s something unrefined, basic, and dirty about it, but yet there’s beauty in that. And jazz was the same – for every guy you wanted to laud for his skill, you knew after the show he got his fix. And in its way, it was dangerous.

I’m no scholar of jazz, nor would I ever claim to be, but from where I’m sitting right now, jazz lost its edge, and that’s a shame.

What’s new here? Well, I have an interview at Robert Morris University on Monday in the afternoon. I’m pretty excited about that, because it’s seems like a great school, and I’d love to work in the Pittsburgh area. I tutor in Pittsburgh and would love to stay with the high schoolers, there are some great churches there, and I would have my brother there for a little, and then other friends that might be in Pittsburgh. I’d feel real comfortable down there, and I think could make a major impact on the school and the people there. It’s a smaller private college that seems to be into business and engineering fairly heavily. It’s not Christian, but like with all schools, I realize it won’t be the “faith-on-the-sleeve” like GCC is, and I’m excited for the new venue. My only concern is if I’ll hear from them in time to give all the opportunities I have their due course.

…still have yet to hear from Westminster and Gannon. Which is cool – patience!

Also started my garden – Tomatoes, Chamomile, Nasturtium, Mesculn, Spearmint, Sunflowers. It’s a random combination, but beleive me, in my head it works.

Finished working at my grandparents, and I enjoy it more for the fact that I get to catch them up on my life than the fact that they pay me. Not to say that extra cash doesn’t go a heck of a long way, but I’d still help them for free.

Talked to Audrey on the phone for a little bit yesterday. That was nice.

Tomorrow is trying to write my paper day. If I can get a least a little of it done, I’d be joyed.

If you read this, just pray for me. I don’t always ask for prayer, but I want to be strong in the face of many temptations and trials, and I’m working to keep my integrity. I appreciate all prayer.



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