Good point

I found this blog in my research today about integrity, and I wanted to share it. I love what the woman said, and it’s very true:

Around the Internet, I see a recurrent theme among men in commenting on the death of Pat Tillman: “I wish I were half the man that he was.” So be half the man that he was, then; plus some, if you can. You’re still alive and have the chance to do so. I’m not necessarily saying that you should run out and join the military and volunteer for Ranger school as Mr. Tillman did. I am saying that there are many other ways to be a real man and if you want to do it, stop talking about it and get on with it. Be advised, however, that to be the type of man that he appears to have been requires faith, integrity, strength and, yes, some sacrifice. Lunch isn’t free, not unless it’s day-old and spoiled.

Aaron, the Liberal Slayer speaks of “get laid politics,” the feminist politics to which too many men fall victim in order to keep peace and piece in their homes. To take a stand, follow through on that stand and be the leader in the home, church, synagogue and society when the well-being of all of the above are at stake requires some testicular fortitude. Some guys just are too afraid to stand up to the ovarian fortitude that’s been nurtured by feminism–for good and ill–in the last forty plus years. The owner of those ovaries might walk out the door.

Psst! Acting from fear is unmanly. It’s unwomanly for that matter.

I submit that the type of woman that wants to hinder the existence and propagation of real men, you don’t want anyway. Not ultimately. Not in the long-run. (Of course, if you’re thinking about the short-run type of woman, this post isn’t for you.)

Doing what is right in the face of fear is a defining quality of a real man. Risk is an ever-present factor in such a man’s life, as the Tillman family and hundreds of other families have found out over the past three years. However, great rewards almost always are accompanied by such risks. For real men, “getting laid” is the least of his rewards, both earthly and heavenly speaking. I don’t know of any real man that’s wanting for the companionship of a real woman, should he so desire it. Such men have the added perks of self-respect, peer-respect and countless others. What’s not to covet? So after you dry your eyes over the Fallen, go out and Just Do It.™

Be the man–loyal, honest, tough, tender–that you want to be. Don’t let anyone stand in your way, including the women in your life. If you guys want to give Pat Tillman a fitting memorial, I’d say that’s it.

Boy, the NFL peacocks are going to look pretty lame this year, by comparison. That is as it should be.


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