Some reflections

So I was thinking now that my collegiate life is coming to the very last shine of the sunset, I should probably do a few reflections on what I’ve learned, experiences I’ve had, and what I hope to take from here that isn’t a degree. And as I was thinking about it this morning in the shower, one thing came back at me glaringly – have I sold myself too short this whole time?

I thought about it, and realized maybe all this time I never quite reached my full potential because I didn’t realize that I had it, or maybe didn’t think I was capable of attaining it. This is something I think may affect the bottom 90% of Grove City Students. We all came in here with how we used to be, and when we didn’t get there the first time, we start to question whether we had it in the first place. That was me. I did well in high school and did the whole top 3% in the ACTs and stuff, but it didn’t result in an easy time at Grove City. So I started to question whether I was as good as I thought I was. This is humbling, but I’m not sure that humility must equate not trusting ability.

As I look to now, senior year, I look at some of the choices I made previously, and realized that I really did on a regular occasion set my sights lower because it’s easier at this place to feel successful in a small way then to bet it all and maybe fail. However, there have been a couple things where I’ve bet big and it’s paid off – the first one that comes to mind is CCO, and a couple others this year, and I’ve thought to myself “Why wasn’t I trying this hard before”

And so, as my first reflection and advice to those who are still in college anywhere, don’t give in to half hearted victories, because in the end there just worse than defeat, because they don’t show you what your character is made of. They satiate you and lull into thinking you are really doing everything you’re doing because, obviously, success equates perfection, right? Not at all. Simple success only creates simple people. It’s the long fought, hard worked sucess that make strong people.

More later. Peace and Love


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