summer update


more to let you all know about, i suppose. so far this summer has revolved around relaxation and reflection about college and how many of those events shaped my life. and it has been a good thing, because i think i unearthed things i needed to think about. have you ever had a feeling where there is something you have not explored because you did not have the time, and then when you do, your mind wanders through it more thoroughly than you would like? that’s been my shtick for the last three weeks. i will be driving some place, and a thought will jump into my head and make me momentarily angry, but then i begin to rationalize and work the thought out. before long, i am back to normal. i guess if there is something coherent in my jagged recollections it is that i wish towards the end i put my energy in the things that mattered. i always talk about the 80/20 rule (basically, 80 percent of effects come from 20 percent of causes and vice versa), and i wish i would have been more attentive to the 20 percent of individuals who really meant something to me. i probably would have been 80 percent happier. but, no stopping time, and you can never do anything more than see a reflection – you cannot touch nor change it. There is no use in trying.

i am reading “zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance” by robert pirsig, and it is phenomenal thus far, but i still have about a quarter of the book to complete before i can really pass full judgment. it is a philosophy primer in a semi-autobiographical package, and when barnes and noble said it was a good summer read, i believed them and they were right. kudos to b&n.

to close this entry, i am going to give you a series of new journal rules i am imposing on myself. hopefully they will provide a more pleasant read for those of you who still want to read:

1. no quizzes. none of you deserve to see the personality type of my alter-ego who is going to rob a bank and sleep with natalie portman. it is not legitimate writing, and that should be the majority of my journal.

2. shorter entries. sans this one, because you have rules tacked on the end. if i want to write more, i will save it for the next day, serving two purposes: one, less to read at once; and two, more updates. also, this means i am more apt to follow the third rule:

3. proofread. this is a personal issue for me. i need to continue working on proofing and grammar and style, so why not practice on something i want to write for free as opposed to something i am not nearly as enthusiastic about for a grade.

i will add more as i think of them. peaceandlove.


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