ps 105

scott had a verse out of ps 105 today. it made me happy.

if you don’t mind humoring me, i want to continue where i left off yesterday.

i said that sometimes the choice of character over comfort is not one i am always apt to make. i hasten to say the broad majority of men are in the same boat as i am – where there is a choice to be made that we know is right, but decide to choose something that is not as right (though not wrong) for the benefits of feeling better. i have found that character/comfort runs on a bell curve, where it is easiest to do nothing because it leaves one in the same state he or she is in. if one must make a choice that puts character ahead (either in a positive or negative way), it results in a loss of comfort, a loss of the status quo. that is why one can find the majority of men and women of the world in various shades of morality and character, and often just wandering aimless through life.

as someone who wants to take his walk with God seriously, walking aimless is not part of the equation. i feel i have to pursue Godliness with more than just a passing interest – it must envelop my life. and that means I conform my character to the likeness of Christ in every thought, action, and deed. so, if i choose comfort instead of character, i in essence choose comfort over Christ, which might seem pleasing at the time, but obviously has ramifications surpassing the decision.

for clarification’s sake, i am not talking about the creature comforts. i am a full believer in Christians having nice homes, sending their children to nice schools, and retiring at 35 whenever possible. i am talking more specifically about situations that could easily fit in the world’s grey zone of morality. swearing, conspicuous consumption, and random physical interactions are issues that most people look at with little judgment. it is these exact things which can be reflections of character, but often times it is easier (dare i say more comfortable?) to go along with the majority opinion than to stand against it, if for no other reason that it is against at minimum your nature, and at most God’s nature.

if this logic makes sense to anyone, please leave a comment. i do not want to be grasping at straws here.

as i sit here tonight and reflect on this, my question is whether or not my character has ceded to comfort too many times, causing my malaise. if i have, the solution is simple – choose Christ-like character, even if it means turning down some things that i might have rather done. but at 22, that is much easier said than done (though, i suppose that could be said for any age).

it is time for me to go to sleep. i hope to talk to you all soon. peaceandlove


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