the picture is me in my don johnson miami vice outfit for 80s night community dinner.

you can almost see chest hair. it was hot.

i am helping my brother with his resume for his externship. what’s interesting about all of this is that he’s almost done, and it took him half the time. which was best for him… he would have never liked the four year college experience.

i think this song has one of the best relationship-y lines, and i plan on using it when i have the opportunity to do so (in fact, you deserve the whole song, it will either make you hold your love one closer or look forward to your loved one in the future):

this is the first day of my life
i swear i was born right in the doorway
i went out in the rain suddenly everything changed
they’re spreading blankets on the beach

yours is the first face that i saw
i think i was blind before i met you
now i don’t know where i am
i don’t know where i’ve been
but i know where i want to go

and so i thought i’d let you know
that these things take forever
i especially am slow
but i realize that i need you
and i wondered if i could come home

remember the time you drove all night
just to meet me in the morning
and i thought it was strange you said everything changed
you felt as if you had just woke up
and you said “this is the first day of my life
i’m glad I didn’t die before i met you
but now i don’t care i could go anywhere with you
and i’d probably be happy”

so if you want to be with me
with these things there’s no telling
we just have to wait and see
but i’d rather be working for a paycheck
than waiting to win the lottery
besides maybe this time is different
i mean i really think you like me

in the course of all the hundreds of emotions i’ve dealt with, occasionally i do get that feeling of missing having someone there to share things with. it’s fleeting, but i had opportunity to look at the next three years of my life closely, and thought that in a couple more years i’d like to think i could be married. maybe not, but it was in front of me, and 18-22 went by fast, and 22-25 will go by faster. i have friends now who are 25, 27, 30, and i’ll be there soon enough. it’s like graduation all over again.



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