the corner was our rock of gibraltar, our stonehenge

this is a shoutout to katie kokan: her blog is aqui, and you, the reader will be fully enriched by her writing. she was one of the people i was chill with througout the college time. we were many of the same classes freshman year, i roomed with her boyfriend sophomore year, and acted in her last gcc play. holla.

i’m in erie, and i will leave more pertinent details for later, but suffice it to say i find it a managable city. it isn’t so big that one can’t figure it out, but not so small that there’s nothing to do. i live square in the the middle of downtown, and within two blocks have my post office, my bank, my starbucks, and all of my offices. that is completely the opposite of the way things used to be. to even think about a cup of coffee in salem, it’s a good fifteen minute drive, and who really wants to do that? forty-five minutes to get to a barnes-n-noble from gcc? playa please. ten minutes now. there is basically nothing i want that isn’t at most ten minutes away. except for a thai restaraunt. but that’s a moot point.

following is a short list of music you should listen to before the end of the summer’s out. if you do, you’ll feel so much cooler… you don’t and you might be a jerk (but i won’t judge you purely on that basis):

– common: his new album is be. produced by kanye west, it’s solid neo-soul that will make you feel so good in the heat. he also has very strong African-American pride, and it’s a good album to understand African-American culture without the glitzy hip-hop culture overtones (which, from what i’ve read and noticed and learned is somewhat the bastard child of real African-American culture). try “the corner” and “go” for starters. speaking of kanye…

– kanye west: he has a new album coming out in a few days, but his single, “gold digger”, is a unique sound. jamie foxx does his ray charles, and it psuedo-samples “i got a woman” which is great. i’m really digging chi-town r&b. also:

– try to get your hands on some chopped and screwed stuff. “sitting sideways”, “back then”, and “oh” are decent examples. chopped and screwed basically slows a sample down a ridiculous amount and then rap over it. it’s got a nice sound to it, and it’s just different.

– weezer: their old stuff. i discovered “acapulco” in my extra mp3s of weezer’s, and i really liked that song a lot.

anyway, if you really did take the time to listen to all of those songs, you are really flippin’ sweet and i applaud you in between typing words.

i’m off to aaron eller’s house, then to visit amy flood and her friends (in erie that aren’t gannon students!), and then reading more catholic stuff.

peace and love, all.


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