jeremy shankle

What is the ‘real world?’ People in school, secondary and university, were always pining for the ‘real world,’ wanting to escape the safety of ‘the bubble.’ It does not get more real than this (is this what people were always trying to get to?). Yet, I often find myself pining for the safety and security of after school chai at Borders (me and ryan still drinking tea in ua), eating sandwiches before basketball games at jp’s, talking to a pretty freshmen female at the gee (she’ll be here in less than a month), and that crispy creme in cranberry at 4am (many casts of characters, same hot now taste).

What I think I’m realizing is there is no ‘real world.’ There is no ‘bubble.’ Life is what you make it, here, now. The grass can always be greener on the other side, or you can look out that window and see something beautiful.


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