training is done. it was good, but there are two things that have made me think about what i’m doing, and made me realize that i’m not in kansas nor grove city any more, and show that God has placed me in a special position at a special time at gannon.

exhibit a:

we had a lot of sexuality training this week (they feel it’s important to bring in the open, for as i found, there is a tension about homosexuality). anyway, there was a situation where a girl confided in an RD or RA that she had an abortion, and another individual labeled them a sinner and yadda yadda. the response by myself and some of the other resident campus ministers (rcm) was that regardless, the key is to love on the person first, and allow for the situation to grow where she may feel comfortable to discuss how she felt about having an abortion. i feel that i must have said “minister” or something, and the area coordinator, renee, said “we are not trained to be ministers – we are not supposed to minister, but to counsel and provide options” or something to that effect. i was floored, and i am sure i went flush. we, as sons and daughters of the living Christ are called to place everything into ministry – there is no dualism. it seems ludacris to make that distinction, but it is quite prevalent. and this is a private, catholic university! which brings me to my next point:

exhibit b:

one of the ra’s today said that because we are a private catholic university, don’t we have the right to encourage those who are at the university to abide by the mission? the mission itself is optimisitic and innocuous, and something that all people can get behind. and i completely agreed with what this ra said, because, after all, i went to a school that unabashedly stood up for its mission, and while not requiring, certainly encouraged those who went to aspire to uphold the mission. it gave gcc a sense of culture and mission beyond ourselves and our simple four years. however, as soon as this student said that, one of the rd’s chimed “why would you want that? would you want to be in the gannon bubble? how’s that going to prepare you for the real world?”

i’m here as a testament to say that i made it through the gcc bubble, and while i’m learning, i’m fine. copacetic, in fact. and you can take that to the bank, people of the journal reading.

tomorrow is the big day. i think i’m going to go drink some tea, watch tv, read, and go to bed early. peaceandlove.


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