almost a month in

i’ve been in erie for about a month today, and while there’s a whole lot that is worth talking about, there’s one thing that has been a partiuclar change in my life that’s really helping, and i want to encourage as many of you as possible to do the same:

go to mass every once in awhile

each sunday, i go to church (which i’m still trying to find one, though the Covenant 8:00 service is taking the top spot), but then i head to one of the two masses at gannon. and i will say that the focus on Christ and what He did for us is so celebrated, and everything leads to the Eucharist. the Spirit is so through a mass and it’s nice to follow as the priest goes along. suffice it to say it’s been a major part of my life coming to gannon, and i feel like i might end up sticking to this after leaving gannon. ultimately, as i go on and think more about my job here at gannon, how it relates to my life on the whole, and just my vocation, i can’t see being a good christian myself and not being willing to seek out a parish as well as a home church. does that mean i’ll become catholic? chances are i’d say no. but that doesn’t mean i don’t appreciate all there is inside catholicism.

anyway, i encourage all of you who might read my journal to try it once. especially if you see yourself somewhat mature in your faith. go to mass, and just enjoy it. recieve the blessing from the priest. i am willing to bet that you will find a new route of growth and a new opportunity to grow in relationship with our Father.

speaking of, i have about and hour before mass myself. i hope everyone is well, and i think of all of you often. as a postscript gcc folks, i might be coming to visit this coming saturday. hope to see some of you.



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