when i was in grove city this weekend, i was talking to scott and we talked about journal entries, and he said “i just do it when i feel like it”, and i agree

it was a great time this weekend, and i thank everyone who i got to see. i’ll be in the gcc soon (probably october 5th, because i’m on duty for homecoming)

there’s a part of me (as it happens periodically) that makes me question my abilities. will i be capabale of doing a good job here at gannon? will i be able to make an impact on my students, and help them to see i care and all of that?

and those feelings are much more acute now because i care significantly more about what i do here at gannon than i did at gcc, because one it’s my job and two it’s what i think my vocation is and three it involves at minimum 53 other people in my building

when i was coming back to erie, i couldn’t help but say in my head i missed salem, ohio

but i love walker. i love gannon, and i love all the potential i see in others and at times myself. it’s just at the times that i don’t see it in myself to have faith that it’s not really my potential alone

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you


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