basically two weeks have gone by and life is feeling more normal (welll, better than normal)

i’ve found that my life is one that can only be lived by simply throwing caution in the wind, take each day with an open heart, and let God fill in the necessary details

that sounds overly-cliche, but i’ve said before cliches got that way for a reason… kanye w and adam l put it well

and I heard ’em say, nothin ever promised tomorrow today
nothing’s ever promised tomorrow today
but we’ll find a way
and nothing lasts forever but be honest babe, it hurts but it may be the only way

how ignorant was i to assume anything else

i’m going to a orthopedic specialist on friday to find out what is wrong with my ankle – hopefully she’ll just say it’s sad and tired and needs a break

anyway. i will update more happy less vauge things soon enough

peace and love


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