we have theology on tap tonight which is a gannon campus ministry program where students are bussed/walked to an undisclosed bar, given free appetizers and listen to a talk given by someone on a theological subject – you even can drink with your buddies. great idea in my mind

anyway, tonight is just war theory… justwartheory.com has some good stuff, and i’m reading through the bbc’s ethics section on jwt… this was an interesting point:

Going to war for a hopeless cause may be a noble act, but it is an unethical one.

it seems so easy to think nobility and ethics are almost always parallel, but this is a point that makes me wonder about that

one of the most beautiful (and yet one of the most overlooked) parts of life is that we as mankind are given the ability to think about our convictions and judgments, and when it right, rethink and change if needed. in other words, you can grow everyday

and i really like that

peace and love


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