lindsay k: i will answer your tag, but first i wanted to talk about BEN FOLDS

nakis, jake, kelsey, andrea, samantha and i went to allegheny college to see ben play.

it started with a band called the fray. they were actually pretty good, but as nakis said “i liked them the first time – they were called keane”

then the man came out. and what ensued was two fulls hours of non stop music, and he pulled out every stop. here’s some of the highlights:

he started out by playing bastard, and played about half the stuff on songs for silverman, including you to thank (which the sweet solo), landed, jesus land, prison food, and a couple others

then he played rockin’ the suburbs stuff – rockin’ the suburbs (where we all screamed the f at the top of our lungs – it was amazing), and he also played ascent of stan – a personal favorite of mine that i wouldn’t have expected he’d play

he busted strings on the baldwin he was playing. afterwards, he said “i busted the piano up here, so i’m going to let the guys take care of it, and i think i’m going to go take a piss or something”

he made up a song becuase someone said he was “ear candy”

we did the horn part for “army”, which was a trick i always wanted to be part of at a bf concert… and it was funny becuase he said “i’m going to try to just do this without explaining it. it might fall on its ass, but sometimes i just get tired of hearing my own shit”

he also played “bitches ain’t shit” – the cover he’s done from the dr. dre song. it was great.

he played the luckiest and gracie right next to each other, which made me think how i look forward to be a husband and a father

the coupe de grace however – he played 1 angry dwarf and 200 solemn faces… the one song i was hoping for

he finished with not the same, and we did the harmonies, and he screwed around with us.

as we were leaving, we went the back way, and actually saw ben. i was about four feet away from him. we made eye contact, waved, and left.

what i’m most impressed by is his humility. he’s so good at what he does, and when he’s on stage he’s a consummate performer, but when everyone’s gone, he’s quiet and subdued. he almost seem suprised by all the attention… and i like that a lot. that type of humility is rare anymore.

amazing night. peace and love.


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