let me add more to that, which i suppose defeats the purpose of why i wrote it, but ultimately, this is about looking back and remembering

we all live in valleys and mountains when we go along. it’s a tried and true metaphor. but one isn’t always climbing… there are plateau moments, and they are the moments where there’s no real fire, but there’s no real burn either. life is just that, life, and it doesn’t inflict itself on your any more than you let it

any more than you let it.

that is what got me tonight at 1:30 in the morning (mt 5:14-16)

and i’ve lived in this spiritual plateau for the semester: one of constant contact with God, but an arrogance on my part to assume that was enough

when i saw beth, we talked about ministry, and she said “i feel like the time i pray for my students could be better spent”, and i wondered about my time in prayer for the students i work (and don’t work) with

and now i feel i plateaued with them in some maybe slight/major way (is anything slight in the kingdom of God?)

so, this all to say the following: i feel God gives us these plateaus for two reasons: rest from climbs we’ve had to make, and an open invitation to climb the next mountain

because maybe there really aren’t valleys at all, but simply unwillingness to climb the mountain again


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