as i was thinking, i need to add a few more folks to this list. see, i’ve been wanting to create an “essential list to adam a’s music library”

i have 4206 mp3s, and probably another 300 tracks in cds

so, here’s are some of the critical artists for you to get my musical style. i’m going to do this in a series, explaining why i really love this artist/band, and a critical track. i’ll start with the pics:

caveat: this is all “in my humble opinion”

1. the roots – underground rap, and where i think jazz should have gone, merging r&b, with hip-hop sense and jazz style. now hip-hop is largely a death culture, but the roots transcend it with music. and i mean music. critial tracks: essaywhuman?!!!! (organix mix); thought@work (phrenology)

2. ben folds – humble, and can play some of the best rock piano. he is the natural progression of billy joel/elton john piano rock raised in the 90’s pissed off rock. he’s every angry little white guy. he’s matured as a singer/songwriter since going solo, and i think we’re all better for it. i love bf5, but his new stuff means something. critical tracks: steven’s last night in town (whatever and ever…); selfless cold and composed (w&e); not the same (rockin’ the suburbs); you to thank (songs for silverman)

3. sufjan stevens – not so much for what he’s done, but for what he’s doing. his intense project where he wants to do all 50 states is amazing, and thus far, will be one of the most gorgeous sets of music ever created. while enjoy your rabbit isn’t a favorite album of mine, it’s interesting stuff. critical tracks: to be alone with you (seven swans); holland (…michigan…); enjoy your rabbit (enjoy your rabbit)

4. ben harper – the thing about ben harper is that there isn’t much he doesn’t do well. his dirty blues/bluegrass sound is polished in a way that makes you feel like you’re in on something not everyone else is. it’s like a treasure. he would be a delight to see in concert. critical tracks: when it’s good (diamonds on the inside); diamonds on the inside (diamonds on the inside); ground on down (fight for your mind)

5. john coltraine – there isn’t much to say about him, except that when i think jazz, he’s one of two names that instantly come up. and unlike many other jazz musicians, he was still intelligent and thoughtful in his art when he came clean and found Jesus. a love supreme is an opus only perhaps equaled in value for jazz pre-acid (and when everything (i think) went to pot) to kind of blue. critical tracks: a love supreme; in a sentimental mood; lush life w/jonny hartman

-fin round 1-

peace and love


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