i wanted to steal this from ian kane’s blog… it actually is equivalent to what i’ve been thinking as well about 2006:

As far as 2006 goes, I must say that I have high expectations. I’ve dubbed this year “The Year of Deeper Newness”. I’m not even sure what I mean by this exactly. The feelings I have when I hear the phrase are akin to the feelings one gets while listening to a song which embodies a fantastic amount of meaning. The past several years of my life have been like setting up a chess board. It seems that all the pieces are now in place. In fact they may have been set for some time now. But I’ve been afraid to move a piece. Moving a piece means commitment. Moving a piece means embracing the adulthood (read “summer of life”) that my existence now embodies. Moving a piece means moving forward, not back. And sometimes, just sometimes, I’m afraid how the game will play out.

i feel like this is a breakout year. i think it’s because when i was younger, i could never picture 23, and later on this year 24. it seemed so foreign. and now, indeed, i’m on those threshholds. i have a full time job. i have insurance. i pay into a 401(k) (well, 403(b), but y’know… whatever), and i can define my life on my own terms. and that is scary.

the pieces are set. it’s my move, and i need to decide how to play this game



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