i’m not one to really mock folks…

…but this is way to easy…

this is from robert goulet’s webpage, and makes me laugh every single time:

December 8, 1999

Many years ago, when I was in the B’Way musical “Camelot”, I was occasionally allowed a leave of absence to travel to L.A. to appear on important TV show – :Lucille Ball, Bob Hope Specials, the Academy Awards etc…, and on one occasion, for reasons I cannot remember – I had to do two days of seemingly constant radio, Television and press interviews.

Earlier, that last day, I had been interviewed by a charming young man named ‘Stanley Applebaum’. When at last, I was stepping into my limo to (take me away from the fray), leave – one last question was fired at me (amidst a horde of writers and photographers), asking if my real name was Robert Goulet! Exhausted, yet seemingly holding on to a tentative sense of humor – I answered – “No, it’s Stanley Applebaum!” I thought it was humorous & knew that the Stanley would think so as well but suddenly the press seemed to find a seam on which to stitch a by-line. My manager, my lawyer & accountant, my P.R. man were all Jewish & not really having ever had any in-depth conversations with me, called each other to say –: “He’s one of us!”

Now — had I been born a jew, I would never had denied that fact. But, I was born into French Roman Catholic home in Lawrence, Mass., and my real name is Robert Gerard Goulet. I do have a strange sense of humor, and didn’t intend to insult anyone. So please — laugh with me.

Robert Goulet

my favorite line, hands down is “exhausted, yet seemingly holding on to a tentative sense of humor”
what is that?

anyway, dear robert, this is a dedication to you.


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