sorry it’s been awhile

i’ve been listening to a tribe called quest (thanks nakis), and here is my “adam anderson mixtape i”:

i still have to determine track listings, but 20 songs that would need to be on my sweetest album (obviously i have to include my list artists):

1. the roots – thought@work
2. ben folds – you to thank
3. sufjan stevens – holland
4. ben harper – ground on down
5. john coltrane – lush life
6. yoko kanno – piano black
7. kanye west – get ’em high (feat talib)
8. jay-z – heart of the city (unplugged – hot dang the roots in the background)
9. radiohead – pyramid song
10. coldplay – God put a smile upon your face
11. weezer – el scorcho
12. zero 7 – give it away
13. justin mcroberts – holy ground (live at gcc)
14. common – go!
15. diana krall – peel me a grape
16. john mayer – st. patrick’s day
17. a tribe called quest – award tour
18. ozomatli – saturday night
19. u2 – discotheque
20. kings of convenience – sorry or please

the thing about that listing is there’s plenty of artists that mean something to me that aren’t there: wynton marsalis, jamiroquai, jamie cullum, jack johnson, g love, harry connick jr, and hootie and the blowfish just to name six.

i suppose that’s why you can make more than one mixtape, eh?

lindsay kahl – hurry up so i can send you a mixtape! i want to tap your musical awarness and genius!



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