one more thing today before i call it quits

i’m going to try, because it’s something a good portion of my blogging buddies take interest in, to synthesize my ideas about the emerging church and my ideas on it
i’ll say first i’m no overly trained theologian, but i’m willing to be lacerated (Fr. Hopko’s well stated point) by the Bible and by the movements theology to figure it out

but i have more reading and discussing to do.

if you’d like a decent idea of the movement, go here:

my gut feeling, without the benefit of much reading and research, is that it’s a necessary movement, one that should wake some of the mainline churches out of their comfort zones, one that is pushing ecumenicalism that is not only necessary, but very openly taught in Scripture (Jesus being with the Samarian woman, Paul clearly saying in Romans and Galations that we’re under a new law beyond Jew and Gentile). however, there’s a part of me that fears it may be too culture and experience driven, to the point where “a generous orthodoxy” becomes nothing more than “a free-for-all orthodoxy”

in other words, i’m worried we could be becoming so open minded our theological brains may fall out.

look for things from me, and if you don’t care about it, i’ll make sure to talk about nothing on a regular basis, too.



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