Quote from “Emerging Churches”

I’m reading a book on the Emerging Church movement, and came across these words, and thought they were just ridiculously well written:

ReIMAGINE! (San Francisco) illustrates the pursuit of transcendence and immanence in the following way. Imagine that a person parachuted and is now floating down to a city. As this person comes closer to the earth, he or she sees defferent things at different levels. At 15,000 feet, this person might see the city as a beautiful green. At 5,000 feet, he or she might see it as green pixels, like a Seurat painting. As this person get even closer, her or she might notice that the green dots are people. Everywhere thsee kingdom people go, they leave a little green smudge. Keach kingdom person is an “incubator” of green and advocates greenness in the city.

Green is not a primary color – blue and yellow are. Yellow is the vertical axis, the spiritual axis, the pursuit of God. The higher it goes, the more faint it becomes. This is the sole pursuit of the Creator, of transcendence. Blue is the pursuit of creation, social justice, the good life, going good to others. It becomes darker and darker as one moves away from the center. Yellow people view God only as transcendent. Often, they are evangelicals and conservatives. With their focus on transcendence, they care about God but not about what God loves. Blue people love what God loves – they love the earth, humanity, the environment, and the sensuality of being human. They are liberals. With their focus on immanence, they don’t love God and they deny Jesus, but they long for the kingdom.

At ReIMAGINE! the focus is green.  Jesus is the ultimate green, for Creator and creation meet in Christ.  People are fallen and are either blue or yellow.  ReIMAGINE!’s task is to help yellow people add blue to their pallette (becoming tied to creation) and to help blue people add yellow (becoming tied to the Creator)…

I found this to be a great summary of my view of minstry at Gannon, because I can name individual after individual that can fall into one of those two categories.  I was very much a yellow person until I went to New Staff Training, met Alania Cronkright, and began to see that social justice is just as important to the whole Kingdom as my time in prayer and looking to everything beyond this world.

The emergent church movement, CCO, post-modern theology all boil down to this in my mind first: the rejection of any dualism that has been sought since the advent of modernistic ideals over a century ago.  I hope to write more on this, but I still have much learning (and duty rounds) to do.


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